Identified Aircraft Noise Events

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The table below shows individual aircraft noise events identified from noise-meter and aircraft tracking data, sorted from highest to lowest peak decibel level (Lmax). Also shown is a an alternative measure of peak noise, Loudness Index, which approximates the perceived loudness of the event relative to background levels (see Noise Basics).

A noise event is defined here as an aircraft-related increase in ambient sound level that exceeds 65 dBA (55 dBA at night) and with a peak that is at least 10 dB higher than background levels at the time (download more detail about methods). A single aircraft flight typically results in noise events for multiple meters and will thus appear in more than one row, unless the table is filtered to show only the loudest location.

Note that since fighter jet events are mainly identified based on noise signature alone, the specific type of fighter is only provided if a positive identification can be made from ADS-B broadcast data (rare), visual observation or air traffic control communications. Note also that fighter-jet noise events often involve multiple formation aircraft per event.



Noise Events, in descending order of peak noise level (Lmax) Download ALL data as CSV   (data description)
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